There is always something going on at the Willemshaven in Harlingen. Curious about what there is to see and do in and around the Willemshaven? Take a look for yourself! 

1Tugboot Holland

On board tugboat Holland, you will find the only working 10-cylinder ‘Werkspoor’ engine in the world. On board you can have a look around the radio hut, the map room, the bridge and the engine room. The 1951 interior is still largely authentic, including a beautiful Art Deco salon. The Holland is also available for events.

2The Sittard

The Hr. Ms. Sittard was given to the Sea Cadet Corps Harlingen by the Dutch Royal Navy in 1997. Since then, the ship has served as a sailing training ship for the corps. This maritime youth association is part of the national Sea Cadet Corps Netherlands. The Sea Cadet Corps aims to show youth the way to the sea in a pleasant way and motivates the youth for a job in the nautical sector.

3Restaurant Jonas

This former electricity house has been transformed into a beautiful restaurant. From coffee with cake to a delicious and extensive lunch, there is something for everyone. On the spacious terrace you can enjoy a meal and a drink and enjoy the view of the beautiful Willemshaven and Wadden Sea.

4 Beer Brewery Het Brouwdok

Here you can find seaworthy craft beer. With your feet on the quay and phenomenal views of the Wadden Sea, this harbour brewery is the headquarters and starting point for adventure. In addition to a beautiful brewery with a diversity of flavours, you will also find the most beautiful tasting room in the Netherlands. Open every day in the summer months, with daily guided tours at 2PM.

5PESK Experience

Coming soon: At the PESK Experience Center you will learn all about tugboat Holland, its famous past and contemporary cruises. Or take part in one of the many lectures, nautical courses and exhibitions about World Heritage Site the Wadden Sea.

6The Lookout Buoy

There are many different buoys and beacons to be found at sea. Normally they are used for the most important and largest waterways, but at the Willemshaven there is a lifelike big buoy on dry land. From this lookout buoy you can view the entire Willemshaven and take the perfect picture or selfie.

7Tall Ships Experience Center

Coming soon: In the Tall Ships Experience Center you will learn everything about Tall Ships and the races these beautiful ships enter each year. In 2022, many Tall Ships will return to Harlingen during Sail Harlingen. The project office of the Harlingen Sail Foundation is also located here and there are meeting rooms available to be let.

8Radio Lightship Jenni Baynton

A unique combination of two applications on one ship that are hardly ever seen anymore: the lightship that piloted seamen and their ships safely home in the English coastal waters from 1949 to 1991 and the broadcast ship that delights listeners with radio programs from 2005 to the present day. You can tour the ship or rent it for events.

9 Loods 5

Coming soon in this warehouse: PESK Experience (visitor center tugboat Holland), Fries Blauw (experience center Frisian earthenware), Atelier de Schepeling and Pakhuis van de Wind (engineless sailing cargo ships).

10 Information Center The Wagon

This train wagon from 1993 now serves as an information center, where you will find up-to-date information about special projects in Harlingen. Be surprised and have a look around in the Wagon during a visit to our Frisian seaport city.

11Solar Ferry

The solar ferry will take you across the Willemshaven to the Zuiderpier or Sassteiger or sail around the harbour (2,5 euro). The skippers are happy to tell you everything about the passing ships and the historic harbours. Passengers can go to any dock when the ferry flag flies there.

12Barentsz Wharf

In 1596, explorer Willem Barentsz set out to find a sea route to China via the north with a crew of 17 men. The ship got stuck in the ice at Nova Zembla. His expedition ship was reconstructed as accurately as possible with the help of many volunteers. The visitor center shows the special Dutch building method and the illustrious journey of the crew.

13Expedition Ship ‘Witte Swaen’

In 1596, explorer Willem Barentsz set out to find a sea route to China via the north with a crew of 17 men. The ship got stuck in the ice at Nova Zembla. His expedition ship was reconstructed as accurately as possible with the help of many volunteers. The visitor center shows the special Dutch building method and the illustrious journey of the crew.

14Trechter Hotel

In the Trechter hotel you will spend the night in luxury in a converted sand funnel at a unique location at the Willemshaven. The suite offers a wonderful view of World Heritage Site the Wadden Sea and includes a luxury box spring, rain shower, jacuzzi, minibar, WiFi and private parking.

15Entrepot Building

Freight trains used to run here to load and unload the ships in the Willemshaven. The building from 1904 has recently been restored beautifully and now serves as a multifunctional indoor city square. The building is occasionally used as a terminal for medium-sized cruise ships, but the building is also available as an event location.

1611Fountains Whale Fountain

The Harlingen fountain is a lifelike sperm whale. It lies lost at the Zuiderpier, but now and then its powerful water jet betrays that it is, indeed, alive. This beautiful fountain is part of the 11Fountains art project and is a symbol of Harlingen’s maritime history.


This bathhouse is not just available for the ‘Historic Fleet’ to wash sailing clothes, but also for visitors of Harlingen. The Badhuus offers more than just sanitary facilities. The lookout point on top of the Badhuus gives a unique view of the beautiful Wadden Sea every day. On the ground floor you will find 17 showers, toilet facilities and a launderette.

18Cruise Port Harlingen

Harlingen is the only Frisian port city that hosts sea- and river cruise ships. The international luxury ships, with a maximum length of 160 meters and with 175 to 400 guests on board, are finding their way to the ‘Pearl of the Wadden Sea’ more and more.

19 20 Bruine Vloot

Take a sailing trip with one of the ships of the ‘Historical Fleet’ (traditional sailing ships). The skippers will gladly take you for a sailing trip across the Wadden Sea to one of the Wadden Islands. Board a vessel for a weekend or a week with family, a group of friends or as an individual crew member.

21Harbour Crane Hotel

Sleep at 17 meters high above the ground and pick your own view. The crane offers a panoramic view of the Wadden Sea and the picturesque historical center of Harlingen. It is up to you to choose, you can turn around the crane yourself with the joystick in the operator cabin. An amazing experience!


At the head of the Willemshaven is the building of the Royal Dutch Sea Rescue Institution (KNRM). The KNRM was founded in 1824 and is maintained by donors and bequests. Harlingen has two lifeboats and carries out between 50 and 70 rescues per year. The station has 25 volunteers who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to help people and animals in need.

23 Thoughts by the Sea

The wind in your hair while enjoying the salty sea air and the view, or letting your thoughts run free: the Zuiderpier is a perfect spot to take a break. Where the trail ends and the broad view over the Wadden Sea begins, hikers are given the opportunity to share their ‘Thoughts by the Sea’ by posting an (anonymous) note in the letterbox. The letterbox is emptied weekly.

24De Twee Gebroeders

With clipper barge Twee Gebroeders from 1910, Henk & Annet have been providing days away on the Wadden Sea for more than 30 years. On board you can enjoy sport fishing, spotting seals or an island trip to Terschelling or Vlieland. The ship is suitable for 10 to 50 people. Below deck you will also find a cozy bar for coffee, or a cold beer and sandwiches or a warm buffet.

25Regina Andrea

Passenger ship Regina Andrea is a tasteful and comfortable ship for up to 250 people. It offers fully arranged day packages to the Wadden Islands Terschelling, Vlieland and Texel. Boat trips along the seal banks, sport fishing and parties are also possible.

26Litter Art

This artwork of more than 17 by 5 meters is based on litter found in and around the Wadden Sea and the harbours of Harlingen. It is made from 100% recycled plastic and aims to create awareness around marine litter in a positive way.