Special overnight stay in a harbour crane

The crane’s high legs standing almost in the Wadden Sea and yet you are only a few steps away from the beautiful city centre of historic Harlingen. A romantic overnight stay in a harbour crane? We bet you never dreamt of that!

The harbour crane is turning again

For decades, the harbour crane has been a beacon for seafarers entering Harlingen. Where the crane was first used toe unload cargo ships, it now offers accommodation for two people. For two years a large team of professionals worked lovingly on the restoration and renovation of the harbour crane.

A unique experience

You determine your own view in the harbour crane, because you can make the harbour crane turn in the control cabin yourself. A unique experience! The harbor crane is the ideal place to stay when you have something to celebrate or just want to be together.

Two lifts up

The entrance has a surprise in store for you. The cage ladders have been replaced by two especially designed lifts. The first lift brings you to a platform between the crane’s legs. In the second lift, both of you zoom up to the heart of the crane. “Beam me up, Scotty.”

Havenkraan Hotel

Dokkade 5  8862 NZ Harlingen